In Squee We Trust.

It’s been over 3 MONTHS since I’ve last written here. What a slacker!

I have tested recipes to write up, and I have science stories to tell, but… it’s March, and the most important thing to happen in March is, of course, the Baby Animal March Squee Madness Tournament.

This year, rather than host it here at fuzzy science, we’re moving our operation to the Big Time. At you can see two years‘ worth of brackets and winners, read this year’s contender bios (coming soon), and most importantly, vote in the 2013 tournament! Follow us @squeemadness and get in on the awesome.

PS: Sure, we’re aware that @BuzzFeedAnimals is trying to mimic our tourney, but they a) are late to the game, b) have a confusing prediction step in their bracket, and c) have included adult animals. COME ON. We all know baby animals are where it’s at.



Baby Animal March Squee Madness!

After 4 days, 382 votes, and at least 15 arguments about how the hedgehog was robbed, I give you the 2012 March Squee Champion: PIGGEH!

The little pink bit of adorableness beat Siku the polah bear by 34 votes (27%) and joins last year’s champion, Butterstick the panda, on my Wall of Squee. Congratulations, little guy!

Thanks to everyone who voted, cheered, ridiculed, and of course SQUEEed through the last week – it was a blast. We’re already compiling competitors for next year!

Posted March 22, Round 3 summary:

Well folks, it’s come down to this:

Representing the Western Conference, weighing in at 60 pounds, we have the hope of the Great White North: The polah bear. He enjoys snow, ice, swimming, and devouring seals. He battles our Eastern Conference champion: Piggeh. Weighing a massive 5 pounds, this tough little guy enjoys making friends with spiders, and occasionally hunting for truffles. Who will be Squee Champion?! You have until 9:00p EDT to decide!

Posted March 21, Round 2 summary:

Round 2 was intense! Two contests narrowly avoided ties by 2 points each; sloth vs. penguin, and pygmy goat vs. red panda. I really thought the pygmy goat was going to advance, but in the last 20 minutes, the red panda had a surge of votes. The pink-tongued white bear handily beat the koala, and the biggest win was by that adorable pink bit of piggeh over our only underwater creature, the hippo. As a side note, I feel the need to point out that all of the animals in the Final 4 start with letter P! Now, decide the final matchup, vote immediately! Or at least before 9:00p EDT!

Posted March 19:

It’s March Madness time, which, for those of us who care nothing for basketball, means it’s time for the Baby Animal March Squee Madness Bracket!!! This year’s finals will happen over 4 days (a change from last year’s single-day event).

Because I realize it’s hard to fully appreciate the baby animal cuteness in those small photos, here’s a look at the competitors: