In Squee We Trust.

It’s been over 3 MONTHS since I’ve last written here. What a slacker!

I have tested recipes to write up, and I have science stories to tell, but… it’s March, and the most important thing to happen in March is, of course, the Baby Animal March Squee Madness Tournament.

This year, rather than host it here at fuzzy science, we’re moving our operation to the Big Time. At you can see two years‘ worth of brackets and winners, read this year’s contender bios (coming soon), and most importantly, vote in the 2013 tournament! Follow us @squeemadness and get in on the awesome.

PS: Sure, we’re aware that @BuzzFeedAnimals is trying to mimic our tourney, but they a) are late to the game, b) have a confusing prediction step in their bracket, and c) have included adult animals. COME ON. We all know baby animals are where it’s at.



A year from Iceland

A year ago this week, I was in Iceland, along with three very good friends. It was 20% work, in that I did a site visit to the Iceland Deep Drilling Project, and 80% fun, in that we drank good beer, walked between tectonic plates, floated around the Blue Lagoon for 5 hours, and generally had an amazing (and cold and windy) time.

Here are some highlights, though Brian, Heather, and Samer all took way better photos than I did.

from the top



H & B


fluffy dog


Well, howdy.

Recently, I realized I am in need of a place to a) expand on some topics for longer than 140 characters and b) develop at least some vague competency in writing. A couple of friends and excellent bloggers encouraged me, reminding me that the only way to get better at writing is to practice.

Thus, I give you Fuzzy Science, where I imagine I’ll cover anything from late-breaking awesome science, to the periodic table, to whatever delicious (or terrible) recipe I’m trying/developing in a given week, to the adorable fuzzy critters that find their way into my inbox. And maybe Dr. Who.

I hope you find some of it interesting. I hope you laugh occasionally.


Below: Guguan (JW); shower (Angela Kleis); chocolate bacon cookies (JW); Icelandic friend (JW)