National Grilled Cheese Day!

The latest issue of Culture (yes, I read cheese magazines) tells me that today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. I personally celebrate grilled cheeses much more frequently than one day a year, but who am I to question national acknowledgement of the greatest sandwich on Earth?

In honor of the day, I polled the Twitter about favorite sandwich breads and accoutrements. About 20 people responded (I expected more! It’s GRILLED CHEESE, people) and I’ve summarized the results in these handy pie charts.

Summary of Deliciousness

Chart 1: Bread Preference

Sourdough (29%) and white (24%) are the clear leaders here, one clever respondent suggesting a rosemary garlic sourdough – I am trying that next week, for sure.

Chart 2: Cheeeeeeeeeeese

Cheddar and American cheese together are the clear winners here, though I had a number of single-mention suggestions (full disclosure – the tarentaise was my own vote, because it may be my most favorite cheese in the world ever).

Chart 3: Accoutrements

A gross 23% of you like tomato inside your grilled cheese sandwiches. Tomatoes are for making into ketchup for dipping, in my opinion. I am, however, on board with the many who like apple and bacon in their sandwiches. Pickles, onions, and several other singly-mentioned condiments really surprised me. Relish and mustard with cheddar on white? I’ll try it, Jim!

I hope you honor the cheese gods and enjoy at least one delicious sandwich today. Tonight, I’ll be making myself an American (hand-made!), tarentaise, bacon, and green apple on white.

Happy grilling!


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