Electron Microscope Mystery 5

July and August are incredibly hectic months for my programs at NSF, so I have been a major slacker here at FS. To make up for it, I bring you a new electron microscope mystery! The field of view here is 6mm. What do you think it is?

Update, Wednesday August 8, 8:40a: This seems to be a difficult one! So here’s a second image, same scale, of the other end of this object. A hint: Many of us depend on a bunch of these, daily!

Update, Saturday August 11, 4:40p: Well, this proved difficult for everyone I spoke to, on and off this page. Here’s the answer: It’s a link in a bike chain!


9 Comments on “Electron Microscope Mystery 5”

  1. The tiniest pulley in the world?

  2. The top one doesn’t look like it, but the bottom one kinda looks like the tips of an electrical plug.

  3. Karon says:

    Snap? I was first thinking the hook from a hook & eye but that doesn’t work with the second photo.

  4. […] Electron Microscope Mystery 5 → […]

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