Cascadia from the sky

Last week, I was in Portland for the GeoPRISMS-EarthScope planning workshop for Cascadia. The meeting was fantastic, full of great science being talked about by great scientists. But it’s panel week at NSF, and I don’t have time summarize it at the moment, so I thought I’d just share some views from the way home.

Portland is conveniently located near several volcanoes, but Mt. Hood is the closest.

Mt. Hood

Can you see its volcanic neighbors in the background?

Mt. Hood



I can’t remember how far we’d gone when I saw this crazy meandering river, but I love everything about it…

crazy river

…and everyone loves a good contrail.




8 Comments on “Cascadia from the sky”

  1. Bill Chance says:

    My favorite thing on a long plane ride is to look out the window and try and figure out what I’m looking at. It so bad, I’ll take notes and try to find out later by looking at Googlemaps. It makes me feel like a little kid.

    thanks for sharing.

  2. Anne Jefferson says:

    Where were you flying from/to? We could make the meandering river a geopuzzle…it’s good pathological geomorphology.

    • Jennifer says:

      I was still on the PDX-DFW leg. We had probably only been in the air about an hour, so I’m guessing the river was maybe in Idaho?

  3. Ron Schott says:

    The river is the Bear River, north of Bear River, Wyoming and the Woodruff Narrows Reservoir is the body of water it empties into.

    • Anne Jefferson says:

      Cool. I figured you would find it. It’s funny because when i saw the picture I immediately thought of the area around the Bear River Mountains, but I only looked on the Utah side of the border. This is why you will always be the undisputed king of WoGE.

      • Ron Schott says:

        It’s kind of scary how obsessed I get when I can’t find aerial photos like this within a couple of minutes. I’m somewhat cured of this with WoGE, but these airplane photos still get me every time. I wish Google would just find an automated way to geolocate these as an integrated part of search in Google Earth/Maps/Images – probably not as high on their priority list as mine…

  4. glacialtill says:

    Awesome pictures Mt. Hood! They remind me why I love living in PDX.

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