wherefore art thou Winter?

I may be biased, since I’m from Massachusetts and was therefore born with a love for a) snow and b) the Red Sox, but here in the DC region, this winter has been obscenely mild. We knew this was coming – the Capital Weather Gang warned us that La Nina (among other things) would keep the snow away. I wanted to do a quick comparison to January of last year, to see just how weird January 2012 has been, so I grabbed some data from AccuWeather and plotted it up:

The stats:

January 2011: average 39.7 F, stdev 7.1 F

January 2012: average 49.2 F, stdev 10 F

Highest high: 68 in 2012 (compared to 59 in 2011)

Lowest low high: 28 in 2011 (compared to 32 in 2012)

Yes, I realize this is only a 2-year comparison, and yes, I realize there are people that do these kinds of comparisons for a living, and do them better, but it’s still interesting to note that this January felt warmer and more variable than last, and in fact, it was. And while I do miss the snow, I admit that I also enjoy lunchtime bike rides, so off I go!


3 Comments on “wherefore art thou Winter?”

  1. Ron Schott says:

    On first glance – and without having plotted the data myself – it would appear that you’re plotting high temperatures, not lows, so where you summarize I think you mean the lowest high, rather than the lowest low, don’t you?

  2. Hannah says:

    I have been so disappointed with the winter in DC this year! I know it’s never very snowy, but it feels like springs already and it’s weird. Yesterday I saw some daffodils blooming! What the heck, weather?!

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