Well, howdy.

Recently, I realized I am in need of a place to a) expand on some topics for longer than 140 characters and b) develop at least some vague competency in writing. A couple of friends and excellent bloggers encouraged me, reminding me that the only way to get better at writing is to practice.

Thus, I give you Fuzzy Science, where I imagine I’ll cover anything from late-breaking awesome science, to the periodic table, to whatever delicious (or terrible) recipe I’m trying/developing in a given week, to the adorable fuzzy critters that find their way into my inbox. And maybe Dr. Who.

I hope you find some of it interesting. I hope you laugh occasionally.


Below: Guguan (JW); shower (Angela Kleis); chocolate bacon cookies (JW); Icelandic friend (JW)


2 Comments on “Well, howdy.”

  1. BWKP says:

    Whew. I thought I was super late to the game of your blogging, but I see I am only a month or so late. Being a month late isn’t so bad (unless it’s, you know). This is cool (and I like the design). You’re my new favourite blogger! Now, if only one of my old favourites would come out of hiatus… (http://twotimingthecosmos.blogspot.com/)

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